Our ambition is to become the number one specialist in Europe of Canadian products, as we know personally how they can contribute to making every day better; thanks to the unique know-how and incomparable experience of the inhabitants of the 2nd largest country in the world: Canada!

By relying on its very long tradition of cold winters, exploration of nature, warm hospitality and living well, we aim to be Canada's general store through 4 different categories: warm-weather clothing, leisure and outdoor products, nature decorations and culinary specialties.

But that's not all: more than being your online Canadian general store, we want to share with you all of our knowledge of Canada by showing you the country as it truly is today, through articles on the way of life, Canadian products in general, the ones we offer in particular, and themes that might interest you if you're appreciative, curious, or in love with this one-of a kind country.

You can learn or ask questions on such varied topics as: what to see, where to go, and what to do according to the seasons, what is the weather really like, how to rent a camper and travel with it, how to dress for winter, how to immigrate there, the administrative procedures, where to live, how to buy a car or how to become an airplane pilot in Canada... the list is not exhaustive but includes many popular themes that often come up for those who are interested in the country.


As a dedicated site offering the widest range of Canadian-style products in Europe, we want to offer you the best of Canada, this amazing country that has already been visited by nearly 1/4 of the French population and continues to evoke dreams for the remaining 3/4 (source: France Interview 2015).

From essentials to accessories, you will find items both useful, powerful, durable, unique, sometimes amusing, but always a delight.

It is our hope that within one unique website you can discover the maximum amount of products in all categories, with unparalleled breadth and depth of range.

In other words: plenty of choice! 


Our primary goal is to satisfy you. We aim to achieve this both in the one-of a kind and variety of products we offer to you, as well as in the services we implement, endeavoring to make your visit to our website and all of your purchases, nothing but a successful experience.

In order to achieve this goal, we always select the best products and have only one obsession: your total satisfaction. To facilitate this, we offer the services you need, which include: specialized advice, customized delivery, secure payment options, and of course, guaranteed satisfaction.

Because in the end, we know that it is always you who decides ...